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Product Overview

  • Remove limescale buildup on heating elements of coffee brewers, espresso machines and kettles.

  • Ensure consistent machine performance, optimal extraction, and better tasting coffee.

Use to


  • Made from biodegradable ingredients that are derived from natural sources.

  • Phosphate free.

  • Odorless.

  • Each carton contains 2 x single-use (28 g) packets of descaling powder.


  • Use contents of one packet (28 g) for one descaling cycle.


Descaling Instructions

For Household Coffee and Espresso Machines

Step 1: Combine entire contents of one packet (28 g) and 1 liter (32 oz) of water into a container outside of the machine that you wish to descale.

Step 2: Pour descaling solution into the machine's water reservoir.

Step 3: Activate your machine's brew cycle and 'brew through' the descaling solution into a carafe or other container.

Step 4: Discard brewed descaling solution and rinse container thoroughly.

Step 5: Refill your machine's water tank with only water. 

Step 6: Brew until the water tank is empty. Rinse the carafe thoroughly and repeat Steps 5 and 6 two more times.


Follow the machine manufacturer's instructions for descaling



Citric Acid: Derived from citrus fruits such as lemons and limes. This organic acid is used in soft drinks to add a sour taste and as a preservative in many foods we eat everyday. In this application, the acid does a great job of combating the buildup of scale on machine's boilers and heating elements.

Hydrated Silica: Used as a processing aid in this formula, hydrated silica is commonly found in toothpaste to dislodge plaque and remove stains.

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